At EMBRACE support you at each step to make your journey to motherhood blissful. Our team of experts perform regular examinations and counselling sessions to ensure that both you and your baby are healthy. Our specialists are also there to help diagnose and manage complications that may arise.
The antenatal care at EMBRACE comprises of pregnancy counselling, periodic assessments of the mother and the fetus, nutritional and lifestyle counselling and management of pregnancy related complications, including any emergencies
Pregnancy is a truly life changing experience, and we make sure that you get the best!
1 Childbirth Options:
EMBRACE provides different birthing options based on your preference, medical history and present status of the pregnancy.
1. Normal vaginal delivery- We encourage women to have normal vaginal deliveries if they are not high-risk. We support you in the normal labour process, from the time you go into labour to the time you are comfortable post-delivery, taking care of your health and your baby’s well-being all throughout.
At EMBRACE, every woman in labour is provided a private room with all the amenities required for comfortable childbirthing. Unlike the labour rooms in other hospitals, the private room helps ensures total privacy. The support staff will always be there to guide with the different positions to help in easy childbirth and take care of your nutritional needs during the labour.
2. Vaginal delivery with induction- Women who go past their expected date of delivery and for some reason do not go into labour, may choose medical induction of labour. During this, the specialists would administer medications to you so that the labour process begins. Most women undergo a normal labour and deliver vaginally. The whole process of induction and delivery is performed under medical supervision, with ongoing monitoring of the mother and the baby. However, if the specialists find any maternal and fetal risk, you might be advised to undergo a Caesarean section. You might want to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery before deciding to go for it. Our specialists will help you in making an informed decision.
3. Caesarean section- Caesarean sections are performed as elective (planned) or emergency procedures. In an unlikely event of a complication during pregnancy, the surgery may be performed to prevent complications for the baby and the mother. The surgery can also be a planned event, in cases of high-risk pregnancy with known consequences. Our experts will guide you to make the right decision. Having to undergo a surgery might make you anxious, we do our best to alleviate your anxiety by providing gentle care, supportive staff, a peaceful environment, and ample time for mother-baby bonding post surgery.
3 Arriving At The Hospital:
If you think, your labour has started, call up the hospital to inform that you would be coming. Once in the hospital, a physician or a midwife will examine you to assess the stage of labour. Depending on your stage, you would be either shifted to the labour room, or asked to take rest in your private room.
If you are scheduled for a Caesarean section, you will be given a date and time to get admitted to the hospital.
The hospital staff will help you in completing the admission formalities related to the paperwork.
a. What should you bring along?
At EMBRACE, you and your baby will be provided all necessary clothes and bedding. However, you will need to carry items for toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, slippers, etc. and clothes for you and your baby for discharge.
b. What you should not bring?
We request you not to bring any costly items along with you, such as gold jewelleries, cash, credit cards etc. You may not feel at peace when you have these items to take care of. In addition, the hospital may not take responsibility of keeping it safe.
4 During Your Stay:
Your stay may be short or long depending upon the type of childbirth and the health status of the mother and the child. We strive to make your stay comfortable and memorable.
1. We provide you and your baby with identification bracelets to ensure safety.
2. The visitors may visit you during the visiting hours.
3. We follow hand washing as a strict practice to prevent spread of infections. The staff as well as visitors are requested to wash their hands with soap and water, if visibly dirty, or with sanitizers/disinfectants provided throughout the hospital.
4. Various members of the healthcare team may visit you to provide support and help in your stay, such as the dieticians and nutritionists, physicians and midwives, nurses, public relations executives, housekeeping staff etc.
5 Amenities:
At EMBRACE, we have several amenities to help you have a safe childbirth. These facilities include:
  • Private rooms with all basic amenities, such as dining area, furniture, sleeping couch for attendants, TV with cable connection, meal service in room etc.
  • Labour rooms
  • Round-the-clock available specialists
  • Special beds for labour and childbirth
  • Walking corridors
  • Monitoring equipments
  • Neonatal care unit
  • Cafeteria
  • In-hospital pharmacy
6 Pain Relief:
Pain relief is an important part of childbirth, as most women are scared of labour pains when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. We provide you different options for pain relief, including medications and non-medicinal measures. We believe that pain is very personal, every woman may experience pain differently, and may respond differently to pain relief measures. Therefore, you will have to decide which option works best for you.
Non-medicine options for pain-relief include measures such as:
  • Deep abdominal breathing involves getting into a relaxed position, closing the eyes, taking deep breaths and holding it for 5 seconds before exhaling slowly.
  • Progressive relaxation involves closing your eyes and focusing on consecutive tightening and relaxing of different body parts, starting from the head down.
  • Distraction may be done by hold the baby skin-to-skin, watching television, talking with the visitors etc.
  • Massage of the back and feet may provide relief from body aches.
  • Music therapy is an effective form of pain-relief.
  • Heat and/or cold compresses may help relax the muscles, thereby, causing relaxation.
  • Positioning yourself with additional pillows may help achieve pain-relief.
Medications for pain relief may include:
  • Tablets taken orally
  • Injections given in the muscles or veins
  • Medicinal patches worn on the body
The type of pain relief you choose can be guided by the suggestions from the experts and your preferences.
To choose the best pain relief method, you need to tell your physician about the nature and intensity of pain. This pain-related information should include:
  • Location of pain
  • Duration of pain
  • Intensity of pain
  • Nature of pain
  • Aggravating factors, if any
  • Relieving factors
7 Going Home:
You may be delighted to go home with your bundle of joy, at the same time, you may also worry about care of the baby at home. However, the staff at EMBRACE will help you to clarify your doubts on baby care and develop confidence.
Before you leave the hospital, make sure that a family member brings clothes and footwear for you, and warm clothes for the baby to wear and go home. You would also like to arrange transportation on the day of the discharge. The financial counsellors may brief and assist you with the billings and payments. In addition, you may want to meet the paediatrician to ensure expert care of the baby in future.