About Us
About Us
'EMBRACE by PRIMECARE' is the department of OBG & Paediatrics at Primecare (India). Due to the high differentiation and competitive nature of this service, it is proposed to be delivered as a distinct vertical with its own brand identity within Primecare.
We endeavour to provide the care you deserve in the most reliable, efficient and timely manner. We know that the birth of your baby is a time of great excitement and joy for you and your family, which is why our team of specialists work closely together to offer a variety of birthing options, including emergency support, should the need arise.
  • To create an amazing maternity center providing the most conducive environment.
  • State-of-the art techniques and top specialists to facilitate enriching experience of birthing and infant care.
  • To create a family-friendly environment that provides pregnancy resources, parenting classes and fitness programs.
  • To provide 24/7 outpatient, inpatient, emergency neonatal & paediatric services.
For the community: EMBRACE will provide a family-friendly atmosphere in which customers will gain expertise, resources, emotional and social support through a wide range of services.
For the employees: The hospital will train the staff to deliver the satisfaction of providing quality services to women, infants, children and families.
Our Motto is to deliver the best outcome to our patients and highest quality of care, building a long-lasting relationship of trust and respect. At Embrace, it's all about you and your little one.
Why Choose Us
We have been committed to offer the best maternity services possible, including:
  • The highest standards of care and safety for you and your baby.
  • The security of giving birth within a multidisciplinary hospital, with direct access to other medical teams and departments.
  • An individualized relationship with a dedicated obstetrician.
  • A range of prenatal and postnatal educational classes for you and your partner.
  • A one-stop shop for all your maternity needs, from prenatal diagnosis to post maternity care.
  • A comfortable and private "boutique" environment for a special birthing and parenting experience.
Our Team
Our expert team consists of experienced obstetricians, midwives, obstetric anaesthesiologists, neonatal paediatricians, paediatric nurses.
They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on weekly basis, they meet with our fetal medicine teams to make sure your baby's health is constantly monitored.
If need be, they can liaise with the Hospital's other multidisciplinary teams.
All nursing staff have specific training in emergency infant care and "painless healthcare" techniques.
Comprehensive Delivery Rooms
Our delivery rooms are fully equipped to provide a safe and comfortable environment. Each of them is equipped with:
  • A vital signs monitor
  • Adult anaesthesia equipment
  • A central monitoring station for a remote surveillance from the early stages of labor, to offer more privacy for mothers and their partners, while improving security.
  • An area for the baby where emergency care can be provided if necessary.
During delivery, you will be closely monitored by your obstetrician and an obstetric anaesthesiologist. A midwife and a nurse are present at all times.
Neonatal paediatricians can also be called to the delivery room at any time if necessary.
Pain Prevention
Anaesthesiologists are available around-the-clock to perform epidural blocks and spinal anaesthesia. During the postpartum period, they work with the obstetrician to ensure pain prevention.
Quality Infant Care
Our nursery is tailored to meet each baby's special needs while delivering the highest possible quality of care.
It includes a special section to provide care for babies who require continuous observation or extra care and it is specifically designed to keep all babies within the sight and reach of staff at all times.
Experienced paediatricians specializing in neonatal medicine are available around the clock should an emergency arise. They will examine your infant at least twice during your stay.
Although it is not a requirement in all maternity units, we have chosen to have a team of paediatric nurses or midwife on hand 24 hours a day. They have specific training in emergency infant care and "painless healthcare" techniques.
Packages & Prices
We place special emphasis on safety and quality of our services in order to provide you and your partner with the most memorable birthing experience.
We believe that peace of mind also comes with fixed prices, regardless of the type of delivery you choose (normal or elective C-Section).
The packages below are for the delivery of your baby at EMBRACE by Primecare.